How to repeat my previous order ?

 Please watch the video

How to change quantity, extra options or special instruction of an item in my shopping cart?

You can do so by double clicking the item name in your shopping cart.

How to go back to the restaurant page at any moment of ordering process?

You can go back to any of restaurants in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the restaurant's name in your shopping cart.

Why I don't see my area in "Address Selection" step of ordering ?

If you don't see your area, it means the restaurant is not delivering to your area. Please avoid choosing one of the existing areas (though it's wrong) and put your address in other area cause this kind of orders will be canceled because of wrong address. If you are sure that your area is missing by mistake and you know that a particular restaurant is delivering to your area, then inform our customer support team about this by pushing "Live Support On" button and we try to fix this issue very fast.

How I can redeem my electronic vouchers in my account ?

Please watch the video.

Points and Referal System

What I can do with my points ?

Each 100 points in your account worth 1 AED. you can pay your order when you have enough points in your account.

How I will earn points ?

You can receive points in 3 different ways:

1. when you order yourself 
2. when your referred clients order 
3. when people place order to the restaurants that you referred to us.

Why I don't see the option to pay the order by my points ?

As soon as you have enough points in your account to pay the order, the option will appear in "Payment selection" step of your ordering. For example if your order is 20 AED then you need at least 2000 points to see this payment option and choose it.

How I can refer my friends and get points for their orders ?

All they (or you) have to do is to put your Account ID or Email or Mobile phone in "Referrer" field of registration form. This way we know that you are the referrer of a particular person and you will be credited by extra points when ever your referrals place order automatically.

Also you can make this process automated by creating "Affiliated links" to any page of our website and place it in your blog, facebook, comments or anywhere else in the web. Whenever somebody click on your "Affiliated links" and register in upto 3 month after that with 24H will be automatically considered as your referred client and you will earn points for their orders. You can read how to create "Affiliated links" for yourself here .

I already placed the order but still didn't get the points. What is wrong ?

Your account will be credited as soon as the restaurant finalize the order. It means they confirm that the order was delivered and they could find your place and you paid and everybody is happy :). Because up to this moment an order still can be canceled by different reasons and points can not be credited. Sometimes it takes longer for some restaurants to finalize the order. If it takes more than 24 hours and you still don't see the points in your account, then inform our support team about it and we will fix it ASAP.

How many points I will get for my orders ?

It's not a fixed quantity of points that you get for all restaurants. The reason is you always get a fixed part of what ever we get as commission from the restaurant as points. We have different agreements with different restaurants based on their No. of branches, quantity and amount of orders and it's why also you may get different quantity of points when you place order to different restaurants.

Can I refer a restaurant to 24h ?

Of course. And you will get extra points for each and every order people may place to your referred restaurant. But please pay attention that referring a restaurant does not mean just recommending it. Referring for 24h means that you promote our service to the restaurant's owner or manager and basically they agree to register with us. Then we can finalize the paper work with them and you will be considered as their referrer.

Affiliation Center

How to make affiliated links to 24H pages

 Basically you can create as many as affiliation codes as you need to create unique links for different ads and comments and examine their performance.

consider each link in except home page is consists of 2 parts. for example is consists of and subway. To create an affiliated link to this page (Subway page) you need to create your code and make the link in below format : (44443333222 is the code that you created for this link)

Exmaple 2: a link to homapge:


Please note that it's not necessary to create a unique code for each link that you want to promote. You can create only one code and use it in all of your affiliating links and all referred by these links will be considered your referrals how ever this way you will loose the possibility to get the statistics about the performance of different ads.

Please watch below video for creating a code and link to promote subway page in